Achieve your running goals with our world-class running coaches.


Personalised Human Coaching

Set and Achieve Your Goals

Know exactly what you are aiming for and make steady progress towards that.

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Tailor-made Training Plans

No cookie-cutter plans here. Get your plan designed to ensure your success

Constant Communication

Your coach is always there for you. Stay in touch with your personal expert while you grow as a runner.

Trusted Running Knowledge

Striive Coaches have walked the walk, and run the run. Their experience is their greatest asset, and now it’s all yours.

Proven Coaches

Striive connects you with world-class running coaches whose goal is to help you grow as a runner

René Borg

Meet René. He is one of Striive’s handpicked running coaches who will help you achieve your running goals.

Featured Races

Copenhagen Marathon 2012
Snowdon International Race 2009

Races types coached

Ultra-marathon Marathon Half marathon 10 mile 10 km

Real-time Feedback When You Need It

Constant high-quality feedback from your trusted coach means you will consistently achieve your goals and grow as a runner.

Your Perfect Training Plan

Get a tailor-made Training Plan to ensure you perform at your best and avoid injury

Connect to Strava

Easily integrate with Strava to directly import your runs and allow your coach to provide feedback.


Running Digest

Keep up to date with the latest tips, tricks and advice from our Striive coaches.


Not just another running app

Striive isn’t here to collect numbers. Striive helps you build a trusting relationship with a world-class running coach.

Injury-free running

Our coaches can not only help you avoid injuries, but can train you through any existing injuries you may have.


Your coach is there for you. Having a personal coach is a proven way to grow as a runner.

Improved Performance

Ensure you are growing as a runner. Set bigger goals, and achieve them

Improved running knowledge

Get tried and tested running coach experience delivered straight to you, for you.

Less frustration

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Avoid injuries and grow as a runner with a Striive Coach.

Best use of running time

Use the tailored Training Plans to focus on injury-free running and finding your best performance.